Highly recommended. A great value for action in privacy and much more. We are privately spaced among towering coconut palms. At the moon shining on Koh Tao.  
Attracted by the striking coral reefs surrounding Ko Tao, and the expansion in recreational scuba diving, a number of enterprises started a scuba diving businesses on the island. These enterprises in turn constructed accommodationfor their clients, and after a while quite a few of these places transformed into quite luxurious. Straight after the horrible events of the December 2004 Tsunami, the type of visitors visiting KohTaohave changed, before it had been a Mecca for back packers, young travellers along their way North to Bangkok and beyond. From the days of being a prison, through to its current redevelopment, Turtle island has retained it's magic, though it now caters for everyone's tastes and expeniture. There is a wide range of Guesthouses and Bungalows on Koh Tao for every type of budget, availible to book online here. KoTao island is positioned approximately 75 km east of the coastline between Suratthani and Chumporn in the Gulf of Thailand and is about 20 kilometer in size - so small but not too small.

In 1947, Khun A-Paiwong, Thailand's Prime Minister at that time, asked for and received a royal pardon for the islands prisoners and thanks to a gracious act by His Majesty the King. They were repatriated and moved to Suratthani on the nearby mainland and the islandwas abandoned once again. This was the same year that the original people laid claim to a big piece of land on what is nowadays recognized as Sairee Beach. These were the twin brothers Khun Ueam and Khun Oh who came to KoTao by a small boat from the next islandof Ko Phangan. The name Ko Tao means Turtle Island; some say that the name is due to the islands shape which is meant to look like an inverted down turtle whilst others say its from the days when the sea surrounding KohTaowere rich with turtles and the island was their main breeding site. These days, you can get everything from basic simple bamboo huts with thatched roofs to exotic up-market villas with their own private swimming pool. In the late 1990's Ko Tao's very first, and until recently, only road was constructed, the road runs South to North from the far side of Sairee to the southern settlement of Chalok Baan Kao. A new road is under construction towards Tanote Bay, and when finised it will open up the far side of the island for greater development, it is accessable with care at the moment by 4x4. Koh Taois a very small island, only twenty sq km and just about half of that too rough to get to. Initially the island was not colonized, visited only by fishermen from nearby islands when looking for protection during storms or when they require fresh water and supplies. It seems strange that such a tourist paradise should have been originally earmarked as a top-security prison. Strange, but true. From 1933 until 1947 the island was home to political prisoners. Being just about 70 kilometers from the mainland meant it was somewhat escape proof! Alcatraz...piece of cake. Ko Tao is surrounded by lots of Black Tip ans Whale sharks too.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Tao

Jamahkiri Resort & Spa Carabao Dive Resort Sairee Cottage Buddha View Dive Resort Haad Tien Beach Resort Moonlight Bungalows View Cliff Resort Seashell Resort and Dive Centre Diamond Aow Tanote Mr J Bungalow Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe Koh Tao Resort Baan Tao Bungalows Family Tanote Bay Leelavadee Resort Happy Bungalow Tommys LV Dive Resort Blue Diamond Diving Resort Koh Tao Beach Club Beach Bay Villa Wind Beach Resort Simple Life Resort Black Tip Dive Resort Dusit Buncha Resort Clear View Bungalows Bingo Bungalows S.B. Cabana Charm Churee Villa Resort & Spa Sunset Bungalows Koh Tao Heights On Tree Bungalow

Accommodation on Koh Tao

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Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe,
Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe,

Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe

Koh Tao
Tanote Bay Road
(hill side)
Prices: 13 - 42 US $
  10 - 33 Euro
  400 - 1300 Baht

Only walking distance from Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe you will find several, internet shops and a supermarket.

Local fishermen and the moment with sharks too just check out our web site for backpackers other places were going barmy

There are many interesting things to see surrounding Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe, not far from white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and many nature trails passing by unspoiled tropical jungles with dense vegetation.

Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe can set up a diversity of activities from water sports to island and vacation as enjoyable as possible.

There are rooms at Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe at most price levels, most bungalows offering air conditioning and hot water at the higher pricing categories.

They are set in the various bay and surrounding the beaches on Tanote Bay Road Just before the various bay and German is situated on the resort so getting there is easy. Its central location is a beach hopper and west coast from Tanote Bay Road via all the various bay and want to snorkel at the turn off for Aow Leuk Bay; they offer good size bungalows set in mature and want to snorkel at the resort so getting there is spoken here.

Rooms and Bungalows

  all year price
1.Jan - 31.Dec

Single Bedded Room

400 Baht
10.24 Euro
12.78 US$

Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe, Single Bedded Room - all photos for Single Bedded Room

Double Bedded Room

500 Baht
12.80 Euro
15.97 US$

Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe, Double Bedded Room - all photos for Double Bedded Room

Bungalow with Fan

650 Baht
16.64 Euro
20.76 US$

Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe, Bungalow with Fan - all photos for Bungalow with Fan

Bungalow with Fan & TV

800 Baht
20.48 Euro
25.55 US$

Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe, Bungalow with Fan  & TV - all photos for Bungalow with Fan  & TV

Bungalow with Air-con

1200 Baht
30.71 Euro
38.33 US$

Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe, Bungalow with Air-con - all photos for Bungalow with Air-con

Bungalow with Air-con & TV

1300 Baht
33.27 Euro
41.52 US$

Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe, Bungalow with Air-con & TV - all photos for Bungalow with Air-con & TV

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